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These juices are got from fresh fruit. Mixing these juices with water, milk or soda you'll have unforgettable refreshing drink. It's noteworthy that they don't contain unhealthy food additives and dyes. These delicious juices are specially made to give you pleasure with their wonderful taste and delicate aroma of fresh fruits. Apricot, peach, apple, plum, strawberry, blackberry, black currant, tomato.
It comes out, that it's enough to eat 100 g of dried fruit each day during ten days to improve complexion and to forget about avitaminosis. Besides, dried fruits are rich in fructose, that's why they're so sweet. Moreover, this feature allows you to satisfy your hunger quickly and without any harm to your organism. Apricot, peach, apple, plum, blackberry, black currant, cherry, fig, cornel, tomato.